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Welcome to Writer’s Atelier by Author Racquel Henry

Join our safe community for writers!

About Us

Are you a writer who sometimes feels overwhelmed by the blank page or the pressures of writing life?

Take heart, dear writer—Writer’s Atelier is here to guide you on your literary journey. Within our welcoming space, you'll find not just a studio, but a home—a place where creativity thrives, community flourishes, and writing dreams take flight. We provide helpful writing resources, compassionate coaching and editing, flexible workshops, and a vibrant community to help you uncover your voice, conquer your doubts, and celebrate the joy of storytelling. Our doors are always open, so come on in. Join us at Writer’s Atelier, where warmth and encouragement are given freely, and let's create stories together that illuminate the world.

What you have to contribute to the writing community matters. We want to be part of your writing transformation by helping you experience tangible growth and development through our offerings (below) and unwavering support.

So, yes, writer, you can sit with us. Welcome home.

How Things Work Here

You’ll notice at the bottom of this page that it’s free to join our writing community here within Mighty Networks. It operates very much like Facebook. You can create a profile, direct message, and even follow other members. Additionally, there’s an app that allows you to receive notifications and keep up with the community on the go. You can also “pick a plan,” which means you can sign up for one of our classes or our accountability and group coaching program for writers, The Write Gym. If you decide to sign up for one of those, you’ll automatically get access to our free online community.

Breakdown of what we offer at Writer’s Atelier:

Free Online Community: Join a supportive community of writers who share your love of writing and understand your struggles. Connect with fellow writers, exchange ideas, and build lasting friendships in an environment that celebrates creativity and collaboration.

Workshops/Classes: Spark your growth and expand your skills with our a-la-carte workshops and classes (visit the end of this page). Led by experienced instructors, our sessions cover a range of topics from plotting your prose, to building your author website, to meditation for writers. We’re constantly working on adding more classes. Whether you're looking to master an area of craft, learn about publishing, or explore a specific genre, our workshops offer something for every writer.

Coaching: Our Write Gym program offers group coaching for writers looking for accountability and coaching. By joining the program, writers receive guided advice from our founder, Racquel Henry, weekly write-ins with coaching after each session, monthly inspiration guides, fireside chats, masterclasses, and more. One-to-one coaching is also available, but highly selective. Email us if you’re interested in this option. Whether you're seeking craft/publishing guidance on a specific project, struggling with writer's block, or looking to develop a writing routine, Racquel can provide tailored support and actionable feedback to help you reach your writing goals.

Editing: Polish your prose and perfect your manuscript with professional editing services from our founder, Racquel Henry. We offer developmental editing and proofreading to help you refine your work and strengthen your storytelling. Due to demand, this service is only open periodically, so email us to see if we’re accepting new clients.

Author Websites, Graphics, and Vertical Videos: If you're looking to create a digital place for your work, give your author site a Facelift, or save time by outsourcing graphics/social media videos, we can help! Our in-house designer, Megan Fuentes, is a versatile designer with a love for capturing an author’s brand. Whether you know exactly what you want or this is the first time you’ve thought about your author brand, she’ll create something you’ll be proud of.

Online shop: Here, you’ll find our workbooks (like The Write Gym Workbook and Novel Planner) and other writerly merch like our tote bags. Our products are a great place to go if you’re looking to find a gift for a fellow writer, or to treat yourself! 

Free Writing Resources: Over ten years we’ve created a wealth of resources to support your writing journey. From writing prompts and publishing tips to free downloads, craft advice, and various videos on our YouTube channel, our resource library and blog are your go-to destinations for inspiration, information, and useful advice about writing. 

Newsletter: If you’re looking to get updates straight to your inbox, join our free newsletter!


Writer’s Atelier is a company started by writer, editor, and writing coach, Racquel Henry. Writer’s Atelier was founded to encourage writers to have the confidence to believe in their writing while they also work to improve it. It began as an editing company in 2012, then expanded to a physical studio space offering classes, coaching, editing, and community in 2014. Today, Writer’s Atelier has transitioned into being an online company with special events that are sometimes hosted locally in central Florida (where the company is based). Whether online or at one of our local events, Writer’s Atelier creates a safe space for writers of all backgrounds and levels.

About Our Founder

Racquel Henry is a Trinidadian writer, editor, and writing coach with an MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She spent six years as an English Professor and owns the writing studio, Writer’s Atelier, based in Orlando, FL. In 2010, Racquel co-founded Black Fox Literary Magazine where she still serves as Editor in Chief. Since 2013, Racquel has presented and moderated panels at writing conferences, residencies, and private writing groups across the US. She is the author of Holiday on ParkLetter to SantaChristmas in CardwickMeet Me in December, The Writer's Atelier Little Book of Writing Affirmations, The Write Gym Workbook, and more. Racquel’s fiction, poetry, and nonfiction have appeared in Reaching Beyond the Saguaros: A Collaborative Prosimetric Travelogue (Serving House Books, 2017), We Can’t Help it if We’re From Florida (Burrow Press, 2017), Moko Caribbean Arts & Letters, among others. When she’s not writing, editing, or coaching writers, you can find her watching Hallmark Christmas movies.